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A space for those seeking to learn more about mental health;

A community free from stigma, prejudice, and judgement;

A haven for those experiencing mental health issues;

A source of respite for those who need it most.

Warning: The essence of this site is to recount mental health experiences with honesty. As a result, certain blog posts could trigger an adverse reaction. If you are upset by a post, I advise you to stop reading the material immediately and speak to your support system.

Help is always just around the corner

Though this isn’t a new post, I believe that the issues it speaks about will always be relevant. Remember, you are never alone. You matter. Now and always.

TW: suicide, self-harm.

#8: How A Failed Suicide Attempt Saved My Life

Read this riveting story of how a teenager’s failed suicide attempt made him realize the beauty of life.

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Hang In There

In today’s world where things seem worse every day, it’s quite natural to feel bogged down and alone. During…

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#2: How My Journey with Depression Began as a 12-year old

What three words would you use to describe yourself? Rude, weird, and selfish. Those are the thoughts 12-year old Dhruv had. As children, we’re raised to believe that there are only two kinds of people in the world: good and bad. Not only are we strongly encouraged and rewarded for being “good”, but we’re equally…

#1: Prelude

Let me be honest. If you’re looking for a blog that is oozing positivity, where I talk about the endless beauty of life and I pretend that everything is perfect, I can tell you now, look elsewhere. Granted, life is indeed filled with wonder and awe, but that’s not the full picture. Like life, this…

About me (kinda)

(A picture of me trying to look cool) Hello, my name is Dhruv Tyagi! I am 19 years old, and I’m from Bangalore, India. The website I looked up for writing a good bio said to state some of my achievements so here goes: 1. Successfully procrastinated creating a blog for over a year 2.…

#5: What It Was Like Being Diagnosed with Depression at 17

“What are you feeling, Dhruv?” As I sat in that room, there were so many things I wished to tell the doctor in front of me. For months now, I had felt drained and despondent. At the tender age of 17, I often questioned what life had to offer. When my pessimistic thought processes were…

#4: My First Experience with Self-Harm

Being depressed is a frightening feeling. When you feel no real passion for anything, and you’re not in control of your mood, emotions, and thoughts, it’s your mind’s way of telling you to slow down; it’s your mind’s way of yelling at you to take it seriously. But, as I’ve said earlier, how often do…

A Letter to Failure

This week I decided I wanted to post something different. Given the last entry’s focus on “perfection”, I thought it would be apt to share this particular piece. This was something I wrote a while ago but holds true regardless. Failure is an entity that shall accompany us throughout our lives. Be it in a…

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