About me (kinda)

(A picture of me trying to look cool)

Hello, my name is Dhruv Tyagi! I am 19 years old, and I’m from Bangalore, India.

The website I looked up for writing a good bio said to state some of my achievements so here goes:

1. Successfully procrastinated creating a blog for over a year

2. Holds a world-record for laughing at own jokes

3. The first human to successfully hibernate for six months (sorry Mom!)

Apart from that, I’m just an ordinary guy who loves writing and wants to help spread positivity and love (cliché much?) In all seriousness though, I’m passionate about mental health awareness, and I hope this blog will enable me to do my bit in the fight for a kinder, compassionate, and more understanding world!

Now, enough about me. Go on and explore the maze that is the mind.

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